Writing letter to universe


Casting Instructions for ‘Writing letter to universe’

This spell requires you to be in a great mood, or even if you are very sad it will do, but be in vibration with what you want.You write a letter to universe or any god/goddess you follow… you can even write a letter to your spirit guide

Light a candle… make the place calm, if you need, insert earplugs so nothing can distract you

Write a letter to universe without stopping in between or rereading your letter
Just write everything in a flow

If you want a guy start writing his qualities, if anything is missed, leave it.

Let the paper be near candle for some time. Do not cut or make changes.

Do not get up to change pens… pray a bit… and fold the paper towards you.

You can either keep paper near your bed or in safe almirah

You can offer some rose petals or pomegranate juice to whoever letter is addressed

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Paper (any color)
  • Pen you love
  • Pink/white candle near you
  • Excitement