Wolf Neko Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Wolf Neko Spell’


“Beautiful graceful wolves I see. Come and help to transform me. I exchange my dull bare human ears for soft fluffy ( color ) wolf ears to aid in my hearing. I exchange my teeny tiny tailbone for a ( length ) fluffy ( color ) wolf tail to curl up with in my sleep. I will exchange my short human nails for a set of ( length ) wolf claws to help me catch my prey. I wish to trade my short dull canines for a pair of ( length ) fangs to help alongside my claws to hunt my prey. I ask of the cat goddess ( or god idk ) to help for-fill my wish. I wish and dream to be one of you. So blessed be .”

Your ears and tail and claws and fangs will be retractable. And here are the side affects down below.

Side Affects:
2:Back hurts
3:Teeth hurting and growing
4:Nails hurting and growing

P.S: Once the nails are done growing you can start
moving them.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Nothin but You
  • Alone Time