Win Back an Ex Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Win Back an Ex Love’

Create a Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Potato Head with a knife and a purple potato. We use purple because it is the color of power. Place a hair clipping of your ex on top of the head to create a magical link.

This is known as poppet magic and is very powerful way to influence someone. Witches design poppets out of cloth, but in Neolithic times potatoes were use as poppets. The poppet is then stuffed with appropriate herbs for healing, love, revenge and so on to create the desired effect upon the subject.

Carve a hole in the back of the potato head and fill it with chocolate morsels. Then carve your name deeply across the forehead. Whenever your name comes to mind,your ex will experience the endorphin rush that chocolate brings. Feelings of love for you will once again manifest. You can also use a second potato and carve a heart on its surface. Fill the heart with chocolate morsels as well to reopen his or her heart to you.

Keep the poppet under your pillow or on your love altar until this person returns to you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Purple potato
  • Hair (of your ex)
  • Dark chocolate morsels
  • Knife