Water Protection Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Water Protection Spell’

1.) Get yourself a glass of water.

2.) Place a Quartz Crystal at the bottom of the glass of water.

3.) Dip your dominant hand’s index finger into the water.

4.) Say this chant loud and clear:

”Water of love and water of feeling,
provide me with spectacular healing.
Protect me from harm and evil to come,
encircle me with light and love from the sun.
As I drink to the lord, our one mighty father,
I ask of you now, do not let evil bother.
I wish to be touched by the angel of protection,
so protect me now from evil infection.”

5.) Drink the glass of water to activate the protecting energies of the crystal and the spell.

P.S. *This spell’s effect lasts for 24 hours!*

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • ) A glass of water.
  • ) A Quartz crystal.
  • ) Your voice.
  • ) Your dominant hand’s index finger.