Violet & Daffodil Love Bundles


Casting Instructions for ‘Violet & Daffodil Love Bundles’

Violets and daffodils are beautiful flowers, and ones that I find popping up around my garden each spring. The violet and daffodil are flowers that I personally associate with love and loving energies, so it seems only fitting that they should be mentioned in spells for love.

Gather together equal numbers of daffodils and violets. I usually gather between 4 to 6 of each flower; just enough to make a small bouquet. Tie the flowers together with a pink ribbon and place them in a vase. Hold your hands over the flowers and (if you are giving them to an individual as a gift) visualize the flowers strengthening the bonds of love and friendship between the two of you, I would also suggest saying a small chant associated with your intent.

If you are using the flowers for yourself, do the same, but simply visualize them vibrating with loving energy and drawing that energy to you, again you can say a small chant to cement your intent. You can also dry the flowers, when they start to wilt, and carry them in a small, charm sachet to bring loving vibrations and energies to you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 6 violet flowers
  • 6 daffodil flowers
  • 1 pink ribbon
  • 1 small flower vase