Verus Diligo – A Spell for True Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Verus Diligo – A Spell for True Love’

Your intention should be firm and you should meditate on drawing loving, positive energy your way, increasing your Aura’s size and radiating that love energy back out into the universe for at least an hour before bed the night before you intend to work this spell. It would also be a good idea to do a chakra cleanse.

Also, take a ritual bath before you begin this spell using ONLY natural ingredients to bathe with (i.e. no soaps or shampoos). Fill your bathtub with warm water, fresh basil leaves, salt and rose petals. You can make your own scrub as follows:
Ritual Bath Scrub
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 tablespoon sea salt
3 teaspoons grated ginger
1 finely grated lime peel
6 slices of cucumber, chopped
1/2 fl.oz. almond oil
1 tsp of honey

Blend the above ingredients together in a food processor. Using gentle, circular motions, apply to wet skin then rinse.
As you bathe, imagine white light emerging from your skin as you wash, clearing away all negativity and blockages. Then as you empty the tub (stay in the bathtub until all the water has drained), imagine all of the negative energy and blockages leaving you as black tar, going down the drain. Do not towel dry, simply allow yourself to air dry.

When performing the ritual, wear loose fitting clothes, preferably Silver-Colored if you are female or Gold-Colored if you are male. If you do not have silver or gold colored clothing, wear White (i.e. a white robe). Make certain not to bring any Cell Phones, Watches or any other man-made or electronic device into the circle of which you are working as they can interfere with the spell (not to mention, break your concentration).

You will want to soak the Mandrake Root in Red Wine in a Silver Vessel for 7 days before you perform this ritual in the hour of Venus (which should be at Sunrise) as it will fortify the intention meant for this powerful root.


Your altar (or the place which you will use for this spell), must face the North (as well you should when performing the spell. It should also be a fairly large surface as you will need this to work on. Facing the direction of Earth will let the spell “take root” so to speak, each of the other elements will aide in the spells growth and power. It would be wise to place statues and/or photos of the various pantheon(s) you will be invoking around your altar (see the list I provide below – the gods/goddesses you will call upon with vary depending on your intent and the list I provide will aide in you – Trust Your Instinct – If you do not see a god or goddess on the list you believe you should be invoking, then add them to your spell. Remember, this is all about gaining YOUR TRUE LOVE.

Your pentacle should be in the center of the altar. The Statues/Photos of your chosen Gods/Goddesses should sit at the furthest part of the right and left sides of the altar. It is wise to have offerings placed in front of their pictures/statues (you may wish to do research on the internet to find out what each of them like, usually things like fresh fruits, veggies, etc.).

It is IMPORTANT that you always move in a clockwise direction around the pentacle when placing your objects as this is the direction of creation. Place each of the 5 white candles on or at the points of your pentacle. Around the pentacle, place the 3 Red Candles, the 3 Purple Candles and the 3 Pink Candles (grouping like-colors together) to form the shape of a heart. The heart formation should surround the pentacle and the 5 white candles.

Place the mandrake root that has been soaking at the TOP of your pentacle (within the circle of candles). Place the vessels representing each of the elements (i.e. wooden bowl with earth, chalice with water, etc) at their corresponding locations on the pentacle within the circle of white candles – DO NOT YET Immerse the corresponding herbs/plants with their elements or light the candles, as we will do this below in the ritual. Starting from the top of the pentacle and moving CLOCKWISE it should be Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Again, It is IMPORTANT that you always move in a clockwise direction around the pentacle when placing your objects as this is the direction of creation.

Place 3 Red Roses and one purple on the left side of your altar and 3 Red Roses and one Purple on the right side. Tie these groupings together with the Hemp or Twine. The remaining Red Rose, Purple Rose and Orange Rose will be placed roses-facing you at the north side of your altar (above the heart formation of candles) – bundle these together with hemp also. We will be using the white roses in the ritual so keep these, as well as the remaining ingredients, handy.

Now, for the suggested Gods/Goddesses for your intentions:

If you are straight – Attracting a Female

If you are straight – Attracting a Male

If you are Gay – Attracting a Partner
Backlum Chaam
Chou Wang

If you are a Lesbian – Attracting a Partner


Begin by consecrating an area that you will be using to perform this spell – Cast a Circle and Call the Quarters. If you do not know what these things are, you are in the right place to find them (the internet) and perhaps you should do more research before continuing forward.

Once your circle is cast and the Quarters have been called, you may begin.

Call to the Gods/Goddesses you are using and gain their attention by reciting the following (while reciting their names, light each of the candles – CLOCKWISE ONLY):

“Great Gods and Goddesses of deep and everlasting love (name your Gods/Goddesses), I call to you in this, the hour of love, in the day of love and plea for your aide. I, (your name), a humble and lonely mortal in desperate need of your mercy. With this spell, please see, hear, touch, taste and smell my call and grant to me, my one Verus Diligo.”

Place the herbs representing each of the elements as follows:

First, place the elements representing air in their vessel and ignite the diffuser, moving the scent of the air herbs through the air and say, “Like the roaring winds you sing a never-ending melody for me…and I for you.”

Second, place the elements representing fire on a charcoal briquette in the vessel representing fire and ignite them and say, “Lovely and righteous, we shine brightly, glaring now and forever more.”

Third, place the elements representing earth in their vessel and chant say, “Great is our love, resonating with energy…like a new mountain, sprung deep from the earth.”

Fourth, place the elements representing water in their vessel and say, “Zen, like rivers flow peacefully, shimmering in the night moon.”

Fifth, prick your finger and let three drops of your own blood drip atop the mandrake root and say, “Our souls are bound together…I reach within…and call to you. Three drops of blood I bring, now mandrake let it be…this is my spell, with harm to none, True Love to now come to me.

Now, on the virgin parchment, write your name and surround it with a circle of the following phrase (From Solomon’s Seal of Venus):

“Benedixitque Ielis Deus Et Ait Crescite Et Muetipluamini Et Replete Terrum.”

Enclose all of this within a heart and write “Verus Deligo” around the heart 7 times.
Below this symbol you’ve created, write 16 Qualities you must have in your true love.

Fold this parchment 7 times and use the 2 Lodestones or Neodymium Magnets to secure it. Then, place the parchment in the center of the altar, atop the pentacle.

Now, take the 2 remaining candles representing you and your true love and place them in the center of the altar, side by side, before the parchment. Light both candles, lift each up together and join their flames together, dripping the melted wax they create onto the parchment and say, “Magnetized and Sealed, True Love is mine to wield. My love shall come at last, Gods and Goddesses, please bring him/her fast.”

Extinguish with your fingers the 2 Candles representing you and your true love and using the Red Ribbon, tie the two together, making 3 knots. Place the waxed, magnetized parchment on top of the two bound candles and include 2 white roses (for purity) and tie them all together using the remaining piece of red ribbon (making 3 knots again).

Place the tied stack into the heart shaped box. Take up the 3 bunches of flowers and place them in the box on top of the tied stack of flowers. Then, starting with the Mandrake Root, take up each of the herbs/elements in a CLOCKWISE motion from the altar and place them in the heart-shaped box – trying to keep them in the same altar position inside of the box. Now, seal the box and say, “This love is mine to keep and forever he/she shall remain. In my heart I’ve created a space for the true love, I deserve, to enter in.”

Now, in a clockwise order, extinguish the candles, DO NOT BLOW THEM OUT. As you extinguish the candles, you will thank the Gods/Goddesses by saying (in your own words and from your heart), “Great Gods and Goddesses of Love, I thank you for your presence and for listening to my plea. Please accept these offerings (referring to the offerings placed before the images/statues of your Gods and Goddesses) as a small token from me. Blessed Be!”


You can either bury the heart shaped box containing the spell on the northern side of your property, or if you don’t have a way to bury it, you can hide it beneath your bed (on the northern most side). Once closed, the box must NOT be opened until your true love is found.

I bless you reader of this spell, that should you perform this rite, your true love find you swiftly and may happiness rule your life eternal.

Blessed Be!