Vampire Blood Potion


Casting Instructions for ‘Vampire Blood Potion’

First it has to be night time, around 9:00-11:30 pm. You can be outside or inside (perferably inside)

1: Draw a circle on the floor or on a large piece of paper, with chalk or red sharpie.

2: Get a small bowl or cup of warm water.

3: Stand inside of the circle and say:

“Oh God of Darkness, grant me my darkest wish. I wish to be a vampire with pearl white skin, retractable fangs, super speed, and everything else a vampire has. I wish to become one with the night, a child of the darkness. This I wish, So Mote It Be!”

4: Prick your thumb with the needle and put three drops of your blood into the cup/ bowl of water.

5: Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a vampire.

6: Believe in the Spell/ potion!!!!!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A needle to prick your thumb with.
  • A small cup of warm water.
  • Three drops of your own blood.
  • Believe in your wish.