Truth Will Out


Casting Instructions for ‘Truth Will Out’

Cast your circle and ground yourself first! Place the candles on both sides of the scales.

Now if you have fresh bluebells or lavender, put them in a glass or vase next to the scales.If you have dried or lemon peels crush them and sprinkle it around the scales.Light the both candles, make a ring of sea salt around the whole thing to secure the spell.Watch the candles burn and observe the scales working its magick.

Try to relax and imagine the situation when the truth is out.When you feel relaxed and confident enough, chant the following: “Twisted truth and heavy lies, be undone. The truth will rise. Wake the Gods to work the scales. Brake the lies. The truth unveils”.

Close your circle and leave the candles burning until they burn off.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 blue tea candles
  • Bluebell flower or lavender or lemon peels
  • Sea salt
  • Scales