Truly In Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Truly In Love’

Bring a couple together to determine if they were meant to be. Place a red candle on the right side of the girl, then place the white candle on the right side of the guy. Light them both, and sit for five minutes. The couple should be thinking about each other during this time.

Open two windows and a door (if there are such things in the room you are in). Relax and chant these words together: “Gods, are we meant to be? Or is this love fake? If this love is fake, let us feel it”. Close your eyes and sit in silence for another five minutes. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you feel bad or pain than you are likely not meant to be together.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 Red candle
  • 1 White candle