Troubled Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Troubled Love’

“To my love that I adore, I don’t want us to fight no more. Let us have peace and our love no shame, I give to you and expect the same. Let us live in harmony and our love be so true, this is what I wish for me, and also wish for you. Oh how I need to feel you love, I need for it to be intense, let us come together as a team, and build a strong defense. Against all others cause your my lover, they cant take away, and with these apples I show my Thanks on this very day. Thank you Aphrodite(Venus)”

Now prepare the apples sliced, sprinkle with sea salt, get naked and admire yourself in the mirror as you recite. Truly admire oneself this will help your lover feel how you feel about yourself

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 3 apples
  • Sea salt
  • A full length mirror