Transform Into a Worm


Casting Instructions for ‘Transform Into a Worm’

  1. Take four leaves from a tree outside, and place them into the cup.
  2. Get some water, and pour it into the mug with the leaves inside. (High temp water is liked, but cool water will do fine and dandy.)
  3. Presently, get some dirtor soil, and put some into the cupalso.
  4. When you’ve done that, say this serenade:

“Enchantment of the firm and fair,

Make me such a worm to care.

Let me devour earth and run,

The same number of animals live by sun.”

Side effects:

  1. Feeling squirmy
  2. The craving to eat dirt (Please don’t unless you’re in worm form)
  3. Shrinking at will

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A voice
  • Four leaves
  • Dirt
  • A cup
  • Some water