Transform into a Wolf at Will


Casting Instructions for ‘Transform into a Wolf at Will’

1. Put the wet towels down on the floor in front of you.
2. Place the candles in front of you in this order: orange, red, blue, dark green, yellow.
3. Light the candles and put the bowl/dish in front of them.
4. Put the toy(s) and the sweet in the bowl.
5. imagine the dog in this spell you want to be most for about 5 seconds.
6. Eat the sweet (but not while saying the spell), and stroke the toy(s) while doing it.
7. Say this spell 1x:

“I want to shift into these dogs,
I want to be as proud and as strong as a wolf,
As swift and sneaky as a coyote,
As fluffy and clever as a fox,
As beautiful and resourceful as a jackal.
AsI howl,
AsI screech,
AsI bark,
AsI yap,
I shift into my forms.”

7. After saying the spell, blow the candles out.
8. Wait. it will take a week, and to test if it worked, say this:
“I shall take the form of a(n) (say a specific species of one of the dogs, e.g. black backed jackal, red fox etc.)”

To transform back, think “My true form retreats, the human returns.”
After your first shift, if you want to shift again simply whisper the name of what you want to transform into, separate from a sentence.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A small toy of any of the dogs in the spell (or a few toys)
  • Red candle
  • Yellow candle
  • Blue candle
  • Orange candle
  • Dark green candle
  • A sweet or something similar
  • Night-time
  • Wet/damp towels
  • Voice
  • Imagination
  • Belief
  • Liking/loving of any of the dogs in the spell
  • A bowl or dish