To start a new


Casting Instructions for ‘To start a new’

To start a new

Show him what he sent away.

Show him the mistake he made that day.

In this let his own heartache grow.

Remorse is where he’ll have to stay.

Left longing for me day after day.

Nights left empty with no one to hold tight.

No other woman will ever be right.

With the blinders now lifted, the light easily seen.

With renewed love & respect for the one, he calls Queen.

A new purpose to find her. To make things right.

Long gone is the darkness that was once deep inside him.

Long gone the resentments of our past. Now Forever are we built to last.

My lover, My friend, My Future is he.


The best place to cast this spell issitting on the very bed you two were intimate. light the candle when your ready to site the spell, hold in your writing hand their picture. With conviction and beliefsite this spell three times. when done place their picture between mattress and boxspring,

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • White candle
  • Picture of said object
  • Your conviction