To meet your intended


Casting Instructions for ‘To meet your intended’

Set up your basic alter and place your pink candles there. Set them about 30cm apart.

Get your pink ribbon and tie it loosely around the two candles,light both candles and let them burn down a little bit; snuff them out.

On the next day untie the ribbon and move the candles slightly closer and light them again,tie the ribbon (that part should be done approx’ 5 days so you have a rough idea on candle size and how long to let them burn).

On the last day when the candles are touching let them burn down completely. Sit and watch as this happening.

You can add stuff to this spell, maybe incense, rose? chants and prayers. It’s up to you to make it feel personal.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 Pink candles
  • Red ribbon
  • Lighter