To Make Someone Think of You


Casting Instructions for ‘To Make Someone Think of You’

On a night during the waxing moon, cast your circle and charge the candle with your intentions. Imagine the target thinking of you non-stop. Visualise them seeing you in their dreams, and thinking of you at work/school. See their thoughts of you swirling through their mind.

Light the incense and the candle. Lie or sit on the floor and imagine yourself going into their brain. Imagine yourself as them thinking of you. By doing this you are placing the thoughts in their heads, so make sure they are positive ones. You may feel a tingling sensation in your head. Say:

‘Lady and Love, Hand in Hand,
Your thoughts are in my command
In all you do and all you see,
Only and always think of me’

Place the picture/name under the candle if you have not done so already. After speaking the incantation, spend some more time imagining the thoughts you want them to have. Allow the candle to burn out by itself.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 small red/pink candle
  • Incense of your choice
  • Picture of the person (or paper with their name written on it)