To Make A Certain Person Love You


Casting Instructions for ‘To Make A Certain Person Love You’

Moon Phase: Waxing or Full Moon
The Day: Friday

Take a few deep breath and visualize the person you like and just keep seeing that image.

Dressing the Candle: With the red candle carve the person full name and draw the rune gifu which is an X then anoint the candle with jasmine oil and finally put some crush rose buds on your candle but remember to keep visualizing the person.

When you’re done get the red piece of paper and write the person full name 9 times and your name 9 times. The drawing a big heart with a red pen (though you can use dragon blood ink to strengthen the spell) then fold the paper twice and draw a pentacle but remember to pour all your love into the paper and your intentions.

Okay, now put aside the paper and grab the candle. In here is where you really need to make it count. I want you to put all your energy into the candle and visualize the person and yourself happy together. Then light the candle when you feel you’re ready. If you want you can say a chant or not. It’s up to you.

The last step is to grab your paper and give it a good luck kiss and burn so have your bowl ready. Finally dispose the items you used.

P.S. Once you do the spell you would feel your enegery drain and feel very tired so I advice you to ground and center, eat or take a nap.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • red votive candle
  • jasmine oil
  • crushed rose buds
  • a red piece of paper
  • red pen or dragon blood ink
  • a bowl