To Improve Work Relationships


Casting Instructions for ‘To Improve Work Relationships’

Anoint the candle. Light the candle and burn it for at least an hour.

Concentrate for a few minutes on the image of your boss or colleague as they are when they annoy you. Look in the mirror and visualize them being pleasant and calm. See yourself working with them as an efficient team.

Carry on doing this each evening for a week then do it once a week thereafter for at least six weeks. In between times keep the mirror in your work desk drawer and reinforce the positive visualization of your colleague or boss being calm every day.

You should see an improvement after a week others may also notice a change as time goes on. As you become less stressed you may find you become more creative and can deal with other petty annoyances.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Small mirror
  • White candle
  • Oil