To Help Make a Decision


Casting Instructions for ‘To Help Make a Decision’

This spell takes three days to do in total.

Place the white candle on the exact middle of the ribbon. This ribbon signifies the highest possible spiritually-correct energy. Place the two yellow candles either end of the ribbon. Write the two possible outcomes on the pieces of paper and fold them separately.

Place these two papers under the yellow candles on top of the ribbon. Light the middle (white) candle first and then the two outer (yellow) ones. Acknowledge the fact that you will be extinguishing them as part of the spell. Burn the candles for at least an hour, so that a link is properly made. Consider both decisions carefully.

Snuff the candles out and next day move the papers and the outer candles closer to the middle candle. Roll the ribbon in towards the centre against the candle bases. Relight the candles and again burn for at least an hour, considering your options carefully.

Each day repeat until all the candles are grouped together. (This should take at least three days, and, if time allows, longer.) Ensure that you have at least an hours burning time left for the final day.

Allow the candles to burn out and within three days you should find it easy to make a decision. This process allows due consideration of all the pros and cons of the various options. It provides the energy for the correct decision and allows you to be rational and objective while still taking account of the emotional aspect.

It keeps your mind focused on the matter in hand. You do not then stand in your own light get in the way of your own success.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Two yellow candles
  • White candle or your astrological candle
  • Length of purple ribbon
  • Two pieces of paper
  • Pen