To Forget about an Ex-lover


Casting Instructions for ‘To Forget about an Ex-lover’

Place the picture of your ex-partner in thecontainer. Set it alight.

Gather up all your hurt and pain as the picture burns down. Feel them flowing away from you as you say these words or similar:

“Leave my heart and leave me free
Leave my life, no pain for me.
As this picture burns to dust,
Help me now, move on I must”.

Repeat the words until the picture is burnt out. Taking the herb root or garlic, hold it first to your solar plexus. Allow the bad feelings to flow into the root or garlic.Touch the root or garlic to your forehead, indicating that you have converted the bad feelings to good.

Wrap everything, including the container of ashes, in your red bag or cloth. As soon as convenient, bury it as far away from your home as possible.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Photograph of your ex-partner
  • Suitable container
  • Root of bitter sweet or a bulb of garlic
  • Red cloth or bag