To Achieve your Heart’s Desire


Casting Instructions for ‘To Achieve your Heart’s Desire’

  • Find out the time of the next sunrise.
  • Just before going to sleep, place a red candleon either side of the rose.
  • The next morning at sunrise take the roseoutside.
  • Hold the rose in front of you and say:

This red rose is for true love.

True love come to me.

  • Now go back inside and put the rose betweenthe candles again.
  • Light the candles and visualize love burningin the heart of the one you want.
  • Keep the candles burning day and night untilthe rose fades.
  • When the rose is dead, pinch out the candlesand then bury the rose.

There are many spells for love and this one is extremely simple, except that it requires some effort to get up early in the morning. The concentration that you put into it as you burn your candles focuses your mind on the matter in hand.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A fresh rose (preferably red and perfumed) Two red candles