Think of Me


Casting Instructions for ‘Think of Me’

First, start of by finding a comfortable position. Have a clear mind, and a relaxed body. Be free from distractions.

Second, use only a dim light if any light at all. Put your incense in front of you, light it.
Third, think of the person you wish to use this on. Focus on all of them. Their eyes, nose, lips, hair, neck, shoulders, hands, etc. Imagine they are in front of you, with their heart chakra glowing a calming red aura. Imagine yours is glowing also.

Put both of your hands, over top each other, on your heart chakra. And repeat this chant x3:

“Always I think of you,
May your feelings of me a-new.
I have lost many nights sleep,
Thoughts of you made my heart weep.
Now, I ask the Goddess of Love
To send you some insight from above.
Though ye shall lose many nights sleep,
You’ll understand that I’m yours to keep.

I thank the Goddess of love, as I announce my spell done.
So mote it be!”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Incense of your choice, that allows you to relax. (optional)