The saver


Casting Instructions for ‘The saver’

Say : ya kaffey for many times daily not less than 100 or 270 times as much as you want

The effects can be shown immediately or without you notice gradually just respect the name and cut the hope of the help of things and believe in their creator

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Respect the name its of lords 100 names that every one has a spirtual effect and every name has his its angels , the servant angels or the aiders ; each one the size of them : larger than the seven heavens and our earth is a nothing in the space of the minimum one or even our galaxy , as ezrael the death angel he serves the name of ‘ moommeet ‘ the head of ezrael is under the chair of god and his feets are under the sevenths earth layer , he has 4 angel aiders each one is larger than the seven heavins that are as large as a coin to the size of the chair of god , each angel of the aiders has alot of helper angels and that no one can know their numbers , they go through the seven heavins and reach earth in less than half a second , ezrael can see the tree of life in wich each leaf has the name of the human , his mothers name , his life years , the amount of his food and what god predefined for him in his destiny ; if his leaf became yellow and its time to fall ezrael does the order of lord creator and send his angels to process the spkrit of the that human starting from the large foor toe , and stopping each time at a point of the body till neck and they take it … therefore you have to respect the name of god , wear white if possible , be clean and leave all internal bad things banishing them all when you say his any name to have the service of the angels of god . end