The Friendship Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘The Friendship Spell’

Braid the three pieces of thread together while you repeat these words:

”Thread of the red,the blue,and the white,
Weave your Magic Spell tonight”

Now take the three feathers and tie the stalks of the feathers onto your colorful braid.They should be tied at evenly spaced intervals.
Then repeat these words:

”Thread of red,the blue,and the white
Weave your Magic Spell tonight
All that I deserve bring
When I touch these feathers and string
Cast this Spell and make it true
One for the white,for red and blue”

Then tie the braid around your wrist to make a magic bracelet.Whether youd like to ttrengthen or find a new friendship,touch one feather at a time and make a wish.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • three pieces of cotton or woollen yarn about 30 cm in length: the first red, second one blue, last one white
  • three feathers(any kind)