Test Your Magic


Casting Instructions for ‘Test Your Magic’

Place the bowl of water next to you and make sure you have your necklace with you.
Dip the necklace into the water and concentrate really hard now slowly take it out and wear it.
now go outside or look outside and focus on a bush or a certain part of it. Slowly whisper these words:

“AmI magic, amI not
this is to take my cannes.
On allI got
now windI ask you to give me a sign,
and move this bush
and tell me ifI am magic.”

If it blows to the left you are and if it blows to the right you aren’t.

Best perfumed on a windy day.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Necklace or Bracelet
  • Water
  • Concentration
  • Bush or tree