Teleportation / Be and See A Fairy


Casting Instructions for ‘Teleportation / Be and See A Fairy’

For this spell, you will need a fairy door, fairy dust, belief, a notebook or paper, a writing tool and your voice. Sit or stand near your fairy door. The door doesn’t have to be yours, you can be at a friend or family members house. Have a notebook or paper in front of you with a pen or pencil or texta. Have some fairy dust with you. Knock twice on the door and write a letter to the fairies. Make sure to include in your letter, that you would like to meet a fairy, and to have wings. Leave the letter overnight in front of the fairy door. Make sure to sprinkle some fairy dust over your letter, to create an extra magical ambience. In the morning, hope for a reply. Go over to the door. If there is no reply wait. The fairies may not see it the first night. If after a week, the fairies haven’t come, knock again. Hopefully, they will come to you. If this spell does not work, please comment or, waituntil one of your baby teeth fall out. Ask your tooth fairy about it. Just make sure that you include in your letter that you would like to be able to teleport too.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • – Fairy Door (on wall )
  • – Fairy Dust
  • – Belief
  • – Notebook/Paper
  • – Writing Tool (Pencil/Pen/Texta)H
  • – Voice