Take over Astral Projection


Casting Instructions for ‘Take over Astral Projection’

In this spell you will need to meditate and not ground yourself, for about as long as you would need to, to make yourself feel calm and free hearted. Then, you must light the white candle at 1:30am and go to bed straight away. Keep your mind as blank as possible when falling asleep and going into your own Astral Projection. Once you have reached yourself in Astral projection; find your victim that you have chosen while they are in their own Astral State. Now when they are in their Astral state, go towards their form and push your conscious with force into their own. You will be able to use their Astral Projection like it was your own. You may find secrets from their conscious, you might even enjoy every second of it. But remember, you putting yourself into them then waking up might put a piece of yourself into them. I have no clue what happens if you do..just don’t do it. P.S. Make sure they are deeply asleep when you go to sleep.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A strong relationship with your victim.
  • Three white candles.