Summon a Personal Dragon Guardian


Casting Instructions for ‘Summon a Personal Dragon Guardian’

Find a nice place where you not be disturbed and where you comfortable, do not worry becuase everyone has a dragon guardian from before they were born and they wait day and night for you. Once your comfortable light a few candles hold either a pentagram or a crystal of the three colors (white, black, or green) and be very quiet for a moment…ask out loud for your your dragon guardian to draw near….you don’t need to yell, just ask in a normal voice.

Say the following:
“Come draconis, I summon you ( stamp 3 times)
By your might and strength I summon you! (stamp 3 times)
By your wisdom, and ancient love, I summon you! (stamp 3 times)
By your magic, deep and old, I summon you! (stamp 3 times)
Come, Draconis, To My Call!”

When the dragon is near you, you’ll feel heat, your shoulders will tingle,you may feel their strong presence, and you even “see” him or her approuching you, do not be afraid for dragon are not harmful beings unless you try to hurt or fight them. But even if you try they are 4th dimensional beings so you can’t touch them. You may see colors flash.

Once you’ve connected with your Mon-tey, laugh with them, talk with them play music for them, and when you play music for them you might hear them dance sometimes. Every dragon has a different taste in music but I’m sure he or she will love your music. And when you drift off to sleep, right before to start dreaming you can hear them speak, dragons are known to have a deep voice. once you are connected with your Mon-tey, everything about you changes and your life will never be the same.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Candles (colors don’t matter)
  • Green, white, or black crystals
  • Pentagram