Succubus/Incubus Girl/Boyfriend


Casting Instructions for ‘Succubus/Incubus Girl/Boyfriend’

Get in your quiet private room lock the door, light your candle and burn your incense. Lay on your back on the bed with your face towards the ceiling. See that your body is placed comfortably on the mattress.

Spread your legs apart approximately 45 degrees from each other.Close your eyelids and take a deep breath count to three and exhale. State your intentions quietly in your mind.

Now start imagining your succubus the way you want to see her in your mind’s eye. Imagine her lying on top of you naked caressing your body. Feel her soft touch on your body and genitals. Listen to her voice as she tells you how much she loves you. If you are calling an incubus, do the same but with him in mind.

Go over this mental image for about 5 minutes and do not get tempted to touch yourself. If in the 5 minutes time you start feeling a sort of presence or tingle you don’t normally feel over your body or it might also be a feeling of joy and love that surrounds you. It means you have created you first connection.

Once the 5 minutes are out, simply lay there and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes. Gently and slowly regain normal consciousness and come back to the room. Whether it worked or not, try practicing this daily if possible and very soon your experiences will get more intense.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • White Candle optional
  • Incense optional