Star comunication


Casting Instructions for ‘Star comunication’

For this spell you need to be in a comfortable spot where you will not be interrupted. After you are ready, either near a window or outside, you should find an eye catching star. (It must be a star, not the sun or a planet) It won’t work on a cloudy night. What you need to do is watch the star for a moment, then picture the letters of the message you are sending in your head with your eyes closed. Imagine they are liquid flowing all through you, and then to your hands. Open your eyes and point at the star you chose.. Imagine, with your eyes open, the letters flowing to the star from your hand. Imagine the star is made up of this message tightly compacted. Watch it for a while and remember all the steps you did. After a bit, go to sleep or go back to doing what you are normally doing at night. The next time the person you are sending this to sees that star, they will receive your message so keep in mind when you do it. Remember this is still being tested so it might not work for you. Good luck!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Night sky
  • Message you want to send to a person
  • Patience