Spice Up Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Spice Up Love’

This is best done on a quarter moon. Waxing moons, to make the love grow. You must look out your window if inside, or gaze at the sky if outside, at the moon. Do this at nighttime.
Do not cast with the rest of your coven, but with yourself. Doing this alone is best. And please DON’T, no matter what,let your lover know you’ve done a spell unless you’re 100% sure they won’t mind. Then chant:

“Magickal moon
A quarter bright
Grant the wish I recite
Warm love is what I need
The rest is for me to do, you see

Create no zombies; Make no trouble
I just need help to solve this puzzle
The one I love, (s)he needs a nudge
Into my arms, where (s)he cant budge

And there (s)he will forever stay
For all of our remaining days.”

Be sure this person is the one you want to be with. Because, as Sheryll McKenzie sang in DARK FORCE, “You’ll be jinxed, and so mote it be.” In other words, be careful what you wish for.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • None