Simple Sleeping Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Simple Sleeping Spell’

This is very simple yet very effective. I use this myself many nights. Now make sure you have all of the ingredients. Lighting a candle may sooth you. Depends on the person. Get comfortable.

Before you go to bed chant in a silent comfortable voice:

“Spirits of the Night,
Help me this week.
Spirits of the Night,
Help me gain sleep.” (x3)

Outcome: It shouldn’t make you go to bed instantly, but to let you awake in a relaxed state. You may notalways be relaxed but you should at least feel more rested than usual.

P.S. This is my official spell that are written in my own words. If you have trouble ask me or rearrange the words to suit you. You have my permission to pass this on to a friend but please do not say it is of your own work. Thanks!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Voice
  • Silent Meditation (Eyes Closed)
  • Sleepy…comfortable place.
  • OPTIONAL: Candle, pillow, bed, etc.