Simple Divantaition


Casting Instructions for ‘Simple Divantaition’

Not 100% accurate. Best done inside and alone so you can focus and have no problems from the wind. Take the 3 objects and to start have two heads, one tail facing up. Then think or say your question and toss the objects up.

Results: 3 heads, 0 tails = yes. 2 heads, 1 tails = likely. 1 heads, 2 tails = not likely (or unlikely). 0 heads, 3 tails = No.

After that if you are going to try and see if results are accurate, or continue on with questions of same topic, use the objects in the same pattern of the result.
EXAMPLE: Question: Is my dog a boy? Answer: Unlikely.(1 head 2 tail)
2nd Question: So my dog is female? Throwing: 1 head, 2 tails.

If your next question is not a checker to make sure it was accurate or not one of the same subject, you start with 2 heads and 1 tails again.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Needs 3 double-sided flat objects, as close in shape and texture to eachother as possible, needs heads and tails marked or easily identifliable on sides.
  • Works with alot of things, best light like paper ar a feather. one way is with 3 folded posted notes, with heads and tails indicated.