Sexual Wish


Casting Instructions for ‘Sexual Wish’

Put the table cloth and then you put the doll stands on the table. Put the vases on the doll stands. Next, put water in the vases and then put the candles under the doll stands. Light them.

Then, get the sexy food and then put it on the table. Get the bed ready and then invite them over. Chant “Gods, grant my one wish and that he/she will have sex with me”.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Seven candles any candles will do
  • 7 flowers any flowers will do
  • 7 vases
  • 7 porcelain doll stands
  • 1 table cloth any one you have will do
  • 1 table
  • Sexy food like chocolate and cake
  • 1 big bed
  • 1 condom (if you want one)