Casting Instructions for ‘Sex’

Sprinkle the galangal and salt in a big circle and place in the middle cushions and rugs for comfort!

Man stands in the North, Woman in the South. Both take a sip of champagne and stamp their feet and clap their hands as the woman says:”Man! Thou are potent and lusty – come join with me my loins are afire!”Then the man says:”Woman, Thou art lovely and fertile. Come join with me so that I may temper my sword in thy furnace”

Stand looking at each other and let the erotic tension build – then leap upon each other!When you are climaxing call out your goal for example: “Money, money money” or “Love love love” whatever it is. It will manifest in the cosmos fuelled by your passion.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Two purple candles
  • A goblet or chalice of champagne
  • Musk incense
  • Flowers of passion
  • Sea salt
  • Galangal root (for passion)