Runic Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Runic Love Spell’

Take the small cards and write ‘loves me’ on them in Runes, and make sure there’s only one rune a card. Put them on the table as like it was a word: from the left to the right, and take another pile of cards.

On the other pile, write the name of your target, on Rune a card. Make sure you write down both front and back name. Now put down the front name horizontally, the back name vertically and the ‘loves me’ horizontally again.

Now say this: “(name) will love me untill I undo this spell. So mote it be.” Now pick up the Runes, and sprinkle them with the Blessed Water. Put them in the little bag, that you’ll have to carry with you the next day, from sunrise ’till sunset. Note: without this the spell won’t work!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Small white cards
  • A cup of blessed water
  • A small bag
  • A pencil