Romance Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Romance Spell’

Sit down with legs crossed and hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. Make sure you are comfortable and once you are, start meditating. Imagine your love and imagine you and them sharing a romantic evening together. Then chant:

“I wish to be with none but you,
And spread our happiness until its dew,
You will share romance with me,
Be mine my dear, so mote it be fight.

Once saying this open your eyes and light the pink candle saying your lover’s name. Then light the red candle and say:

“Our love shall burn forever more. “

This sounds gloomy but when you think about it, it really works. Then hold the petals in your hands and say:

“Be with me, be with me.”

Say this until you feel completely driven by your love. Then spread the petals in your lover’s house or give them to him/her.

“Diola lle.”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Rose petals
  • One pink candle
  • One red candle
  • Voice
  • Visualization