Reversal for Stop Someone From Crushing On You


Casting Instructions for ‘Reversal for Stop Someone From Crushing On You’

Be alone with the other person no one else around. Then sit down facing each other an look into each others eyes for 1min while holding hands then say

“Spell: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air I call upon thee to make me feel loved again”.2x

“(The persons name that you know them by) I’m sorry for not wanting you please come back to me I love you more than I thought please come back.”1x

“As soon as I Finnish this spell it will.take effect on you for I cannot wait to be with you.”2x

“A French kiss will seal this fate once and for all so mote it be”.1x

After Finishing spell you must hold hands with the other person and look into there eyes and French kiss the other person for 3 minutes and after that the spell will take effect.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • None