Resolving a Quarrel


Casting Instructions for ‘Resolving a Quarrel’

Inscribe or mark the round end of the rod with the symbol of Edhadh. Hold the stave in your power hand. As you do so allow yourself to feel the energy of its meaning maturity and healing flood through you, giving you the power to deal with the situation.

Turn the stave, inscribed face outward, and see the energy from it flow towards the people concerned, surrounding them with its healing and reconciliation. Place the stave where you can see or feel it, perhaps on a shelf, in your desk or in your pocket. If the situation escalates, draw on the energy of the stave to calm it.

When the problem is resolved, bury the stave or toss it into running water.If you are unable to use wood for the stave the spell will work just as well by inscribing the symbol on a piece of paper or parchment and disposing of it appropriately. Do remember that this spell does not set a time limit on its resolution, so this may take some time.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • A small piece of dowelling rod about 5 cm (2 in) long
  • A marker pen