Renew a Relationship


Casting Instructions for ‘Renew a Relationship’

The red candles should all be different since they will represent the differences between two people. The white candle represents yourself.

Arrange the red candles in a triangle, then light the white candle and move it in a circle around the red candles. While circling the candles say the following spell, lighting each candle when told to do so. You can freely change man for woman he for she and so on as needed in this spell.

Bring back to me the man in my dream,
Make it all natural for them to seem,
The difference between us was only a dream.
(Light the first candle)

Connect us together in invisible rope,
Bind us by heart, by love and by hope,
That the difference between us, within us we cope.
(Light the second candle)

Let him believe that I am the one,
That he is to be with since time has begun,
And to the end of time, the total of sum.
(Light the third candle)

Place the white candle in the middle of three red candles and the spell is complete.



Candle Colors


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You will need the following items for this spell:
  • candle (large and red)
  • candle (long and red)
  • candle (long and white)
  • candle (small and red)
  • matches