Remove Obstacles from a Relationship


Casting Instructions for ‘Remove Obstacles from a Relationship’

Cast your circle. Light up the pink candle with the wooden match. Use the candle and drop 13 drops of the wax onto your picture and your lovers. (make sure you put a lot of energy while droping wax on both pictures. Make sure while your dropping, you’re focusing your energy on removing all the problems in your relationship.)

Stick the two pictures together (face to face to symbolize everything getting better between the two of you.) Blow out the candle and chant: “So transfer my will, my spell has been heard. As I will, so mote it be”

That same day, give the stuck together pictures to nature.(Bury them, or put them in any body of water outside like a river, bayou, or lake.) Light the candle on the following full moon until it’s burned itself out.(Do not use the pink candle you used for this spell for anything)

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • One picture of you
  • One picture of your lover
  • A pink candle
  • Matches (made from wood)