Reconciliation to Summon a Mutual Love


Casting Instructions for ‘Reconciliation to Summon a Mutual Love’


This spell should be cast at dawn, as this is a time of new beginnings. You should perform the spell during the first dawn following a new moon. In casting the spell at this time of the month, when natural cycles are beginning again, you are creating a new start within the cycle of your relationship.


This spell should be performed facing east, the direction of the sunrise. As the sun rises, the increasing light and warmth will mirror the warmth of your heart.


Place the two white candles, in their holders, side by side on the red cloth. These candles represent you and your partner. Light the candles so that they burn in unison.

Sit quietly and meditate on the happiness your relationship has brought to you. Release your judgements, anger and preconceived ideas. Focus on what you want from your relationship and what you can give to it.

Six is the number of marriage, harmony, balance and equilibrium. For this reason, you will use six stones during this spell. Mystically, Onyx is used to help change habits. Rose Quartz is used for forgiveness and to open the heart.

Pick up the first stone. With the stone in your hand, say out loud one gift you have received from your relationship. Place this stone next to the burning candles.

Pick up the next stone. Say out loud one positive energy or quality that you want to bring to your relationship. Place the stone next to the burning candles.

One by one, pick up the next four stones. With each stone in hand, verbalize a different gift your relationship has given you or a new energy you want to bring to the relationship. Place the stones around the candles so that when each stone is placed, a perfect circle has been formed.

Allow the candles to burn down. Once the candles have burned out, place the six stones in a velvet pouch. Sleep with this pouch under your pillow until the next new moon.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Two White Candles
  • Two Candle Holders
  • One Red Cloth
  • Three Onyx Stones
  • Three Rose Quartz Stones
  • One Velvet Pouch