Psychic Shielding


Casting Instructions for ‘Psychic Shielding’

Be in a comfortable position.
In a quiet room.
Close your eyes and focus on the light.
Picture a bright ball of warm light.
That has everything good your trying to be.
Have it spoke down to you but not growing any weaker.
Have it flow down and expand around you creating a shield.
When it is big enough say this:

“There is one power in this universe and I
Am the perfect manifestation of that power as such
I will the boundaries of my aura to be strong and healthy
Repelling all negative energy while replacing with positive healing energy.
Inside these boundaries nothing can harm me for I am filled with the
Strength of the goddess by my will so mote it be and it is so.”

Now have the boundaries grow smaller and smaller till it is your core
And have it return to the ball above your head.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Be done in the day
  • Be relaxed
  • Focus on the light