Powers of Love, Make Him/Her Return


Casting Instructions for ‘Powers of Love, Make Him/Her Return’

Take the stuffed animals and put them around you in a circle. If you don’t have any, try to use other items that represent love. They should be red, pink, or white with heart patterns on them, or toys you’ve loved in the past. These were easy for me to get, as I have pretty much every stuffed animal I ever owned.
Spread the rose petals around your circle. Find jewelry that also represents love and put it on yourself or the toys. The candles will go around your circle, too. Any other items for love can go as well.

Put on a song that is calm, soothing, warm, yet powerful. It should be the type of song that the writer wrote purely from his/her love for someone, that also reminds you of your love for your lost lover. I recommend ”My Love” by Paul McCartney, but use whatever song your heart tells you.

Close your eyes, feel your love energy spreading across your body, derived from the song and your heart. Take the picture of the person in your hands. Feel the love in your heart and magic in your hands. Focus on your past experience with the person. How much you loved him/her and he/she loved you.

When the time is right during the song, say;
”I call upon the powers of love,
From the bright stars above,
Rewrite ( )’s path,
Reunite us, end our wrath,
Powers of love, reopen ( )’s heart,
Give our love a strong restart,
( ) will love me again,
Just as much as I love him/her,
Soon make him/her return to me,
He/she will love me, need me, and never want to leave me,
A love with a power for all to see
This is my will, so mote it be.”

Pull your power close by hugging yourself, and on the last word of the song, release the spell to the sky. Close your eyes again, imagine the love from yourself, the song, and the spell reaching his or her heart, and he or she feeling love again. Imagine the two of you together again, all past difficulties forgotten. Repeat this spell on different nights if you feel as though you must.

This is my first spell, and I truly believe it will work!

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Roses
  • Pink, red, white toys symbolizing love
  • Red/pink candles
  • Picture of person
  • A way to play a song
  • Jewelry