Pokimane Love Bind


Casting Instructions for ‘Pokimane Love Bind’

Donate this to her and recite it at the same time. (MINIMUM 20$)
“Pokimaneis what I need,
Pokimane is my only greed.
My love will be indefinite,
My donations for her is infinite.”

After chanting this 3 times take the picture you have (WITHOUT MAKEUP AGAIN VERY IMPORTANT)and set it on fire outside during the clear day and chant once more,

“Giddy giddy gee!
Pokimaneboo boo!
Goo goo gagir
Shamroot inta!”

After you’re done with this, within a period of 2 days, you’ll know the spell has taken effect when she makes an announcement that she needs to take a break for about 2 weeks. Once she has done this, you should have her location by now so go on over to her house and she will immediately know who you are. Take things forward however you wish 😉

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Tier 3 sub
  • Steady supply of cash
  • Her location
  • Her personal information