Paper-intuition Divination


Casting Instructions for ‘Paper-intuition Divination’

Cut a long piece of paper, then write your question in the paper with the pencil, and remember to include the question mark. Then fold the paper and throw the folded paper either in fire or room temperature water and when the paper burns or gets wet, concentrate in the feelings, the feelings will be the answers.

Then say “I need an answer to my question” and end with “so mote it be” or “amen”, and then visualize a question mark coming from the paper and going up to the roof or sky.

The answer takes time to come. If it’s a bad feeling, then it’s the bad news, if it’s a good feeling, then it is the good news. Remember, ask only a yes or no question, and don’t ask about big things like weather or about a car crash or about something bad happening to you.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Cut piece of paper
  • Pencil (only pencil, not pen or marker)