Musical Love Spell


Casting Instructions for ‘Musical Love Spell’

1. Cast Your Circle and call the elemental guardians.
2. Light the white candle and place upon your altar. Meditate and pray to your personal God/dess for their assistance in your spellworking. let the candle serve as an honor to them which will burn until the flame dies itself.
3. Using the red ink, write the name of the person u wish to attract to yourself. It is very important that you write the full name and infuse the person’s energy into the paper. Simply writing the name John could lead to some very unexpected and multiple results for example. This is advice from my own personal experience. Include a short verse or lyric of the song you are using that expresses your desires and feelings best.
4. Ask each element individually to bless and power your spell. Sprinkle water, wave through incense, pass over flame, and sprinkle salt etc. upon the piece of parchment. Light the pink candle as a symbol of love.
5. Holding the piece of parchment, begin playing your selected musical piece. As the song plays, meditate on the feelings it inspires within u for your lover. Imagine your love and desires manifest in reality. Send those power and emotions down through your arms and out of your hands into the parchment. Infuse the parchment with energy for the duration of the music.
6. When the music has completed take your parchment and the lighter or matches outdoors, somewhere with an unobstructed view where the light of the full moon can touch every inch of you.
7.Give thanks to the moon, and ask that she may use her power to aid your cause if it is her will. Hold the parchment up so that she may read it, and infuse it with her energy.
8.Using the lighter or matches, light the edge of the parchment until it catches flame, holding it until is completely consumed and let the ashes scatter on the wind. It may be necessary to light the parchment more than once to ensure it is completely consumed. As the paper burns, imagine the flames releasing the power of the spell into the world. Envision those arcs of energy on a dead straight path to your lover, and as they arrive encircling them with your true will. Remember the sound of the music, imagine that person suddenly feeling the same desires for you as they have inspired in you.
9. Bow to the moon and thank her for her help. Return to your altar.
10. Thank and release the elemental guardians uncast your circle. You may now blow out the pink candle. But remember to let the white burn itself out as an honor and thanks to your personal deities.