Mood Feeling =


Casting Instructions for ‘Mood Feeling =’

First make sure there is no other noises in the room except yours and your friends.
Let your friend walk out of the room and they will use there calm mind on the rose petal which will be putting there emotion in to the petal.

Let them walk back in to the room. Next sit criss-cross on the ground. Put the petal on your left or right knee. Both of you hold hands. Next you chant:

“Oh, Goddess of feeling
Bring me *pain/emotion*
So I may feel what he/she is feeling”

Now your friend must chant:

“Oh, Goddess of feeling
Let (name of person)
Have a piece of my feeling
So let it be!”

You should slowly start to feel what your friend is feeling.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 1 Rose Petal