Mind Reading


Casting Instructions for ‘Mind Reading’

Okay so i’m going to do this and explain it step-by-step.

1)ascertain (find out) how good you are at meditation

1.5)depending on how good you are is going to decide if you
use one or both hands in the next step

2)take your index and middle fingers and place them one
Centimeter above the back ends of your eyebrows

2.5)Once that is done decide who’s mind you want to read and
focus on them

3)Now while focusing on the person also focus on the question
at hand which is obviously ”What is He/She thinking?”

If you need me to help you with this ”excersize” or just need
help or advice feel free to ask me —> DismalBlack

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Your Hands
  • some possible skill in meditation
  • you may want to know where the person is at least