Midnight Wolf


Casting Instructions for ‘Midnight Wolf’

Put one wet towel on your forehead and one on the tip of your feet. This will represent the wolf form that goes from your head to your toes. Now lie down and concentrate. Say out load or in a whisper:

“From the tip of my toes to my head,
Let my inner animal free,
Free to Rome through the woods,
But to never let me know,
It will be a wolf with eyes of (eye color)
and fur of (fur color).
Let it Rome free,
So Mote It Be!”

Here is the safety spell to do after:

“My animal form will not hurt,
Hunt or scare,
It will be friendly and only eat fruit,
It will not hurt a sole,
So Mote It Be!”

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • 2 X Wet hand/small towels