Making a Poppet


Casting Instructions for ‘Making a Poppet’

Draw the outline of a simple human figure on the card or paper, then cut it out. It should ideally be at least 10 cm ( 3 in) high. Fold the material in two and place the template on it. Cut around the template. Sew the figures together, leaving a small area open.

Turn the figure inside out so the stitches are on the inside. Stuff the figure with the straw, paper, cotton wool or herbs. You can personalize the poppet by adding a lock of hair to the filling. You can also use buttons for eyes, or draw on facial features if you wish.

Finish sewing the material together. Your poppet is now ready for use. Do not destroy it when you have finished with it either give it to the person whom it represents or bury it safely in the earth.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Paper or card
  • Soft material such as felt or cotton
  • Needle and thread
  • Straw, paper or cotton wool
  • Herbs, appropriate to the spell you are
  • performing, may be used